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"Lifting Colors-Granulating Pigments" with Geri Medway

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“Lifting Colors-Granulating Pigments” with Geri Medway

Using Daniel Smith Primatek Pigments- This is a result of our successful Daniel Smith PrimaTek demo!

We  want to share great ways to use this paint!

$325 + materials

Three sessions on Saturday Sept 22, Saturday & Sunday September 29-30, 2018

See extended description below.

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Geri Medway Supply List "Lifting Colors-Granulating Pigments" 2018 It is important that you have ordered and have the required paints before class. Arches preferred - Cold Press (NO Strathmore NO Canson brand. Not even for practice.) We will be working on One Half Sheets. (Only if necessary - an Arches block, 12 x 16– the only problem with a block is that it will take longer for a “layer” of color to dry because the block absorbs the moisture and will still buckle because it is not stretched!) It is imperative that you bring a half sheet ALREADY STRETCHED to the first class. Also, extra sheets to practice the technique. (You could use the “backs” of paintings that you no longer want to keep.) Automatic pencil with HB lead 2B (the plastic kind that are inexpensive, available anywhere, Staples, etc.) Kneaded eraser. Brushes: Your choice but not too small. Watercolor Rounds. Synthetic is fine. Good point, full body to hold a generous amount of water. #6, #12 and/or #14, larger if you have one (OR - #10, #12, #16) 1 inch Flat or larger. Important: A brush with firmer bristles, (stiff) like an old flat, or “bright” clean oil painting brush, for lifting or any other FIRM brush, small sizes. Some of the “scrubber” brushes are OK but only if they are NOT HARD. Clean Plastic Palette to use with the paints we will be using in class. This does not need to be large, just adequate room to mix colors. It is wise to keep these colors separate from your usual palette. PAINT FOR THIS WORKSHOP – IMPERATIVE. Winsor Newton Raw Umber 15 ml tube Kyanite Genuine – A Daniel Smith PrimaTek 15 ml tube You may add any other “earth color” PrimaTek you wish. (Hematite, etc.) *Burnt Sienna, *Yellow Ochre Additional but not necessary – Verditer Blue by HOLBEIN *denotes a granular pigment *French Ultramarine Blue or regular Ultramarine Blue *Cobalt Blue *Cerulean Blue *Burnt Sienna *Yellow Ochre *Cobalt Violet (nice to have but not necessary) * Lunar Black or Lunar Blue by Daniel Smith (Daniel Smith has a LOT of granular colors, bring them if you have them. You will also need some transparent colors. Any others that are your favorites, ok to bring them also. – (please, no student grade.) Winsor Newton, Holbein, or Daniel Smith are all good. Small tubes are adequate except where noted. Spray Bottle, regular size and small Masking Tape (Drafting tape or Artists tape) Paper Towels (smooth and textured) Water container Masking Fluid/old brush for masking and pickup. Salt Hair dryer, not necessary but convenient if everybody wants to use mine at the same time! Last, but not the least: Bring a packed lunch, a refrigerator is available.


Trying something different with watercolor is always an exciting adventure! We will be using Winsor Newton paints and Daniel Smith PrimaTek colors in this workshop. Another fabulous way of painting with watercolor is to let it "have its own way, and let it create all the magic." We’ll spray, let the paint flow, lift out highlights, etc. Adding to this "magic" we’ll glaze with transparent colors and also use various techniques to create OUR version of reality! Come join us because this will be a fun workshop. Geri will provide some photo references for you to use, or you may bring your own reference if you wish and apply what is learned in class. One will be a garden statuary and the other, a stream with rocks. Keep it simple - close up images are the best, as opposed to the broad landscape as in the example. Join the fun and learn to apply these luminous techniques to your work!

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