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If you have oil, water based paint, latex or any chemicals or solvents associated with art materials you can use CR&R's Universal Waste Program to schedule pickup.

CR&R Customer Service is (877)728-0446

This service is provided at no additional cost to residents of San Clemente. Be sure to provide the Customer Service Representative with specific information on quantities of each item. They will assist you by explaining how to prepare your material for collection.

If you need any additional help with art materials disposal, call the art supply and ask for Richard.

Other Items Collected in the Universal Waste Program
Batteries, Automobile Batteries (Except large equipment batteries)
Electronic Waste such as TVs, computer monitors, cellular telephones, copiers, fax machines, DVD players & VCRs
Items Containing Mercury such as thermostats, light switches, pressure gages, musical greeting cards
Needle Sharps, syringes & lancets
Aerosol Cans (non-empty)
Fluorescent Light Tubes
High Intensity Discharge Lamps
Solvents, Cleaning Products, Pesticides & Fertilizers
Motor Oil, Antifreeze & Filters

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